Coffee Systems

Premium Coffee for Your Workplace

Target Office Products is a certified distributor of Keurig Coffee systems and Green Mountain Coffee. Coffee in the workplace is proven to increase productivity and employee morale. Our premium Keurig Single-Cup Brewing Systems are designed to give your customers and employees the ultimate Green Mountain Coffee® experience. Easy to use and incredibly convenient, they’re ideal for workplaces — including breakrooms, conference rooms, reception areas, individual offices and more.


  • Provide premium coffee for your employees and guests
  • We can install the machines and provide maintenance if needed, just call us. You need not worry about the operations of your machine.
  • Wide variety of machines
  • From dark roasts to decafs, flavored coffees to teas, we have something for everyone in the office.
  • One-quarter of all workers leave the office to buy coffee or other refreshments. Our coffee program is an easy and convenient way to increase productivity and give your employees the taste they’re looking for.
  • The patented K-Cup® portion pack design holds just the right amount of perfectly ground, perfectly roasted coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. The K-Cup protects the coffee from light, air and moisture. In a matter of seconds, pressurized hot water brews a single cup of perfectly brewed coffee.
Local business storefronts located in older buildings